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The Sparkling 111

Ringing in the New Year ● Palm Springs style



Better late then never!

I previously posted a few photos of the persimmon liqueur I was making at the end of last year.  Well, life got in the way of me getting to this specific post, but we did in fact create a New Years Eve cocktail with the persimmon liqueur that was totally inspired by Palm Springs.  After spending a mellow Christmas holiday here in Venice we loaded up the car and hit the road for the desert.  We checked into the Ace Hotel & Swim Club as per usual, jumped in the pool and then whipped up a little sparkling sunset treat on our patio. It seemed to fit in perfectly in there… it must have been that delicious peachy tone.  (see recipe below)

The Sparkling 111


Persimmon Liqueur

Champagne or Prosecco chilled


Pour about 1 Tablespoon of Persimmon Liqueur into each glass, then fill with Champagne or Prosecco.  Serve immediately and repeat when necessary.


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Cranberry Crush! New Favorite Champagne Cocktail

Remember the Cranberry-Orange Cordial we posted a few weeks ago…

We have now tried several cocktails with this elixir and we have a new favorite Champagne Cocktail!

Cranberry Crush

2 oz Cranberry-Orange Cordial (Liqueur)

4 oz champagne

long orange twist

Ok, so maybe you haven’t made that cranberry-orange liqueur? I would suggest substituting 1 oz Fresh Pressed (not from concentrate, 100% pure juice) Cranberry Juice and 1 oz Cointreau instead of the cranberry-orange cordial.

Enjoy!! This is a keeper!

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Champagne Cocktail Taste Test

While we love a good champagne cocktail, we wanted a twist on the traditional favorite. With our bounty of fruit liqueurs from this year, we decided to do a taste test and see what we should serve at our holiday party.

The line up: Raspberry Liqueur, Royal Anne Cherry Brandy, Honey & Saffron Liqueur, and Apricot Vanilla

We took 1 oz liqueur, 4 oz Extra Dry Champagne, and tasted away

And the winner is…

Royal Anne Cherry Brandy

Try your favorite liqueur with champagne and a brandied cherry for garnish (and an added festive flair). If you don’t have home infused liqueurs in your pantry, check out your local liqueur store. Here in Portland, Oregon we are very lucky to have local fruit liqueurs made by Clear Creek Distillery.

Please enjoy and ring in the New Year with a new favorite…


Cranberry Champagne Cocktail

It took a month for my Cranberry bitters to fully infuse. Now that they are done, I am ready for the holidays! I started with simple tinctures of Cranberry, Bitter Orange Peel, and Wormwood (all infused with Grain Alcohol). I eventually added some sugar, and added only part of the Wormwood tincture to the cranberry. The final liquid is… well… quite bitter. With a few dashes on a sugar cube, dropped into a glass of champagne, the result is a lovely hint of cranberry in a tasty glass of bubbly.

For those of you who have not yet made your own bitters, try a dash of Angostura bitters on a sugar cube in your favorite champagne.