Boozed + Infused

Infusing liqueurs at home with inspiring and seasonal ingredients


Hibiscus Lemonade

Who needs a Monday cocktail? It is (finally) a gorgeous, sunny summer day here in the Pacific Northwest. And a cool, refreshing drink sounded just perfect.

We’re bringing back a few infusions that we made a while back, but they are perfect for this summer beverage.

Hibiscus Lemonade (serves 2)

2 oz Fresh squeezed lemon juice

2 oz Hibiscus Brandy

2 oz Lemongrass Vodka

1 oz simple syrup (or to taste)

6 oz club soda

Mix the first 4 ingredients in a shaker, and stir well to combine. Divide among two tall glasses filled with ice, add club soda, stir and enjoy!





Mango Cooler

Here is our “healthy” cocktail suggestion for the Mango Liqueur.

Mango Cooler

2 oz Mango Liqueur

1 TB Honey Liqueur

3-4 oz club soda

Light and refreshing, this will be a great spring/summer beverage… if only it was spring in the Northwest!