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Infusing liqueurs at home with inspiring and seasonal ingredients


Kiwi Vodka Tonic

Several months ago we made a kiwi liqueur. And with warmer weather (finally) upon us, we used this tasty, fruity liqueur to make a simple Kiwi Vodka Tonic.

Kiwi Vodka Tonic

2 oz Kiwi Liqueur

4 oz Tonic

Pour over ice, enjoy!

For summer parties and cookouts, fruit liqueur and tonic make for easy entertaining. The fruit gins (blueberry, raspberry-mint, tamarind-orange,) as well as the vodkas (cranberry-orange, raspberry, pineapple, mango) can quickly be turned into fun and festive summer drinks.




Kiwi Liqueur

I wanted to do a kiwi liqueur for St. Patrick’s Day. I thought that the green fruit would produce a green liqueur.

I was wrong. It’s not green. Not even remotely. The good news is that it’s delicious.

Kiwi Liqueur

9 kiwi (peeled and sliced)

3 c. vodka

3-4 TB Simple Syrup (or to taste)

Place the kiwi and vodka in a large jar and keep in a dark place for about 4 weeks. Strain and filter the kiwi out, and add 3 to 4 Tablespoons of simple syrup, or until it reaches your desired taste.

At this point, I got a little frustrated. I thought that I had filtered the liquid well enough, but there was a thick sludge in the bottom of the jar. So I let this sit around for another month while I stewed about it…

Finally, I decided to filter it again. I doubled the coffee filters and changed them several times during the process. I even had to just toss out about a half cup of the liquid that was just too thick to even try to put through the coffee filters.

The result is a pale yellow, and surprisingly clear liquid!

The additional month since the first filtration gave the liqueur some time to mellow, and it tastes pretty good. I think it will continue to get even smoother.

So far we have only tried this on its own. Any cocktail suggestions?


Kiwi Liqueur on Punk Domestics