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The Cleanse… with booze?


Here we are in 2013! I still can’t quite believe it. January is flying by. And all around me, I see lots of people who have such great aspirations. New Year’s resolutions and cleanse diets abound.

The Cleanse

I’m not one for resolutions, and I can’t imagine I’d ever attempt a cleanse… so why not cleanse our cocktail? That’s an idea that even I can get behind.

The ingredients from our Chili Agave Liqueur had many similarities to the Master Cleanse recipe… we hope you will join us in our version of The Cleanse…

Chili Agave Liqueur

The Cleanse

1 oz. Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice (about one medium lime)

1 Tablespoon Maple Syrup

1 oz. Water

1 1/2 oz. Chili Agave Liqueur

3-4 generous pinches of cayenne pepper (more or less to taste)

Combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan. Bring to a boil over medium heat and simmer for 30 seconds. Remove from heat, pour into a tea cup or mug and garnish with a chili pepper.

It is cold out, so we decided to do this as a heated drink. It would probably taste just as delicious served cold.

So this may not be your typical cleanse, and this may not be your typical cocktail. But we’ve never been ones to adhere to the standard drinks. This is delicious! You’ll enjoy this much more than your New Year’s diet or cleanse!

What is your favorite way to celebrate your unconventional spirit… in a cocktail?


Author: Alicia

Infusing at home with inspiring and seasonal ingredients. Join us in making delicious cordials, liqueurs, boozy fruits and cocktails.

9 thoughts on “The Cleanse… with booze?

  1. Great drink…I like your version with the infusion better!

  2. Now that’s a cleanse I can get behind!

  3. Did you use a lime or lemon? Either way, your recipe I’d try for 10 days. The Master Cleanse? NO WAY!

    • Hi Poppy, I used lime juice when mixing up the drink, but used lemon zest in the liqueur recipe (hence the lemon in the photo). It was delicious with lime juice (and honestly I used that because I didn’t have any lemons in the house) but I’m sure would be great with lemon too. And I love your idea of doing a 10-day trial! Cheers~

  4. I got some homemade maple syrup from Maine for Christmas, and am going to use some for this recipe. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Jack, I bet this would be wonderful with the Maine maple syrup. I spent Christmas in Maine and it was chilly! I could have used one of these while I was there.

  5. Alrighty, even though I’m one full season behind, I’m feeling quite confident that doing my New Year’s cleanse will still count beginning on St. Patrick’s Day. I’ll just add a sprig of mint and called it a shamrock, right? Great recipe!

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