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Holiday Liqueurs – Eastside Distilling


Can you believe it is December already? This time of year tends to get very busy. There are holiday parties, family gatherings and traditions, holiday decorating, and much more. Making gifts on top of all of that can be challenging! I would love nothing more than having each of you make some of our holiday-inspired infusions this December. But… I know that isn’t going to be possible for everyone. So for those of you who would like some holiday cheer without all the effort, we recommend checking out your local distillery. They may have some fun holiday-infused spirits already beautifully bottled for your parties, gift giving or just enjoying the holiday spirit this season.

Holiday Liqueurs at Eastside Distillery

Holiday Liqueurs at Eastside Distillery

We recently went to Eastside Distillery in Portland, Oregon and were blown away by all of their holiday inspired liqueurs and other spirits that will be great for the holiday season. This great little craft distillery has concocted an Eggnog Liqueur, Peppermint Bark Liqueur and Holiday Spiced Liqueur. They are all wonderful and will be great for any occasion. Many of their standard spirits will also be perfect for the holidays, including the Coffee Rum, Cherry Bomb, Ginger Rum and Burnside Bourbon. We loved everything at Eastside. And we think you will too!

Burnside Bourbon

Eastside spirits are available in Oregon and Washington, and some of them (including the Holiday Spiced Liqueur, Cherry Bomb whiskey and Coffee Rum) are even available online through Vintage Wine & Spirits.

Eastside also has some great gift packs available at their tasting room. Be sure to check them out!

Eastside Gift Pack

Eastside Gift Pack

We are fortunate to have a number of amazing craft distilleries in Portland, and many of them have spirits that will be great to enjoy this holiday season. We are looking forward to checking out the Booze Bazaar (yes you read that correctly) at House Spirits next weekend. We have been to House Spirits before and they are amazing. Their Whitedog Whiskey is one of my favorites, and their Coffee Rum and Aquavit would be great for the holidays as well.

We recommend checking out your local craft distillery this holiday season for some amazing holiday cheer! has a map of craft distilleries throughout the United States (and even  few in Canada). Also from is a list of distilleries in the US, but the map seems to be a bit more comprehensive and/or updated.


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14 thoughts on “Holiday Liqueurs – Eastside Distilling

  1. I am extremely jealous, right now. The only thing made close to us is Turkish Raki, which tastes like licorice. Can’t wait until we are back in the states, and can explore the local distilleries in the DC/Baltimore area.

  2. This post goes on the list of Reasons I Love Alicia. I was just looking at Distillery Row online yesterday and thinking, “THIS is where we need to do our next drink-up!” Say yes.

  3. Looking forward to when your next post – recipes for peppermint bark and egg nog liqueurs! 🙂

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  5. The spiced rum is fantastic. Mellow and very spicey. One can relax and enjoy sipping this liquor over ice. Love it. I can’t wait to try the egg nog and the pepper mint flavors.

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