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Plum Liqueur


I have always loved these plums…

Since there were hundreds of pounds of them hanging from the trees at my parents’ farm, I helped myself to a big box of them.

And as usual, the first plums made their way into an infusion for a lovely plum liqueur.

Plum Liqueur

2 c. fresh sliced plums (about 8 small to medium plums)

2 c. vodka

2 TB sugar

Place all ingredients in a quart jar, seal and allow to infuse for 4-6 weeks. Strain the plums out of the liquid, and filter if desired. I have not yet filtered mine, but the liqueur seems quite clear.

This liqueur is very light and delicate. If you can still get fresh plums in your area, be sure to try this!


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Author: Alicia

Infusing at home with inspiring and seasonal ingredients. Join us in making delicious cordials, liqueurs, boozy fruits and cocktails.

24 thoughts on “Plum Liqueur

  1. Alicia, And the jar did not explode? Holy schmolly. Here in my hometown there was a slavic population in the first ward (one section of the city). The people kept their yards trimmed, their homes in immaculate condition (no matter how humble) and mad “slibovich” every fall. Friends and neighbors were invited from one house to another to enjoy the nector of plums and comradarie. Your post brought back memories of the “first ward” that will never exist again. It now houses crime and poverty. But thank you for the memories. Wally

  2. This looks interesting and delicious! How does this compare to Sloe or Damson plum gin? Obviously, you did not use gin here, but I wonder how the flavors compare. Thanks!

    • Gosh, it has been so long since I’ve had Sloe gin, and I am sorry to say I have not tried damson plum gin! I would guess that this is a bit sweeter than the damson plums, although that can always be changed with sugar. Sorry I’m not much help here!

  3. Gorgeous color Alicia! I bet it would make a fabulous dessert drink. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thanks Anne! And I agree about the comment regarding a dessert drink. I had a sample of it yesterday and thought it would make an excellent substitute for a dessert wine at the end of a nice meal.

  4. What a beautiful drink! Those are my favorite plums as well – my Nana (Dan Taylor Post) had one of those trees in her back yeard too and we made plum jam every year from it! If she hadn’t been a tee-totaler we may have made some drinks from it too but Southern Baptist don’t drink – well, they don’t let anyone KNOW they drink! 🙂 Seriously, this is one of the most beautiful drinks you’ve infused…..You should enter this in some kind of contest!

  5. Hi Alicia. Another hit, another liqueur I’m definitely going to make. I first tasted slivovitz on vacation in Budapest, as well as this plum overproof that literally took all our breaths away. Since then I’ve felt lucky to drink the lovely plum beverage, even if I can get it any time I want – I still feel lucky. And if I can make it…I’m a lucky man to read your recipes. Thank you.

  6. Yay! This is almost exactly like my plum schnapps, although I haven’t added any sugar. I figure it’s more versatile if you can add simple syrup to drinks as you mix them. Although I must say I usually just use it in a vodka tonic with lemon. 🙂 Also a prime aperitif for eastern European food!

    • Thanks Eileen, I figured you would catch this one after you had all your plum infusions this summer. I agree that leaving sugar out can make the infusion more versatile, although I think this one would be nice on its own since it has been sweetened. I love the sound of adding tonic and lemon! Maybe that can be my election night cocktail…

  7. Looks great. To echo the comment above- is this like Sloe Gin?

    • I wish I could tell you how this compares to Sloe Gin, but I’m sorry to say it has been a very long time since I have had it! Sorry I’m not more help on that… Have a great Friday!

      • Thanks! You too.

        My guess is whatever you make with the plums is better than regular sloe gin. But you may want to try working with Damson plums- they are great in sloe / infusions…

  8. I see what you mean about making your own infusions being easy and a tad addictive 🙂 Interesting to rea dthe comments about Sloe Gin, we make a few batches every year, and I really can’t begin to describe how it tastes, I wish I could !! Except delicious, but that probably doesn’t help much does it ! I’m presuming the flavour of the plums is imparted into the gin/vodka ?

    • We don’t have sloes around here – I see so many great recipes and photos of people making sloe gin, and I wish I could too! Yes, the plum flavor imparts wonderfully into the alcohol. The possibilities are endless! Cheers!

  9. Have you tried it with your mother’s dried plums?

    • I have several pounds of those dried plums, and am planning on pouring bourbon and brandy over them. I made prune brandy and prune bourbon last winter with some from the store, and the liqueurs were delicious! The star was really the jam that I made with the booze-soaked prunes, so I really wanted the dried plums to make more of that jam. It disappeared too fast!

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