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Banana Bourbon


When I first started doing infusions, a banana liqueur wasn’t really at the top of my list. It simply didn’t appeal to me. But the longer I do this, I hear more and more people talking about banana liqueurs they have had and how tasty they are. At some point, I would like to do a banana rum. But since I have more experience infusing bourbon, and I really think of bourbon as a fool-proof spirit base for infusions (ok, I’m sure someone will tell me otherwise). So, with a small leap of faith, we embarked on banana bourbon.

This is really easy and delicious.

We let the bananas get really ripe and tasty…

They may not look pretty, but they were perfect.

We took these two perfectly ripe bananas, added two cups of bourbon, and infused for just over two weeks. I guess two was the magic number because this is another keeper. It tastes like sweet bananas and a mellow bourbon. I think this will make for some great cocktails, but it is also great on its own.

Be sure to filter, then strain through cheesecloth and coffee filters.


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Author: Alicia

Infusing at home with inspiring and seasonal ingredients. Join us in making delicious cordials, liqueurs, boozy fruits and cocktails.

78 thoughts on “Banana Bourbon

  1. Fascinating! Does the bourbon pick up much sweetness from the bananas, or is it mostly just banana flavored?

    • Hi Tanya, I think this is a nice balance of banana and bourbon flavor. I think both are mellowed, but both are still there. It’s quite tasty

  2. Love love this infusion..very tropically!

  3. Bingo! I have a rather large quantity of Buffalo Trace left in my liquor cabinet that is taking up way too much room (it’s a 1.5L bottle that I was given for Christmas a couple years ago). I’ve already tried making a Bourbon Cream Liqueur which was kind of so so . Banana Bourbon sounds like my next experiment! Thanks for the great idea.


    • Awesome! I hope you like it. I thought it was quite good. If you’re looking for any other bourbon infusions (they all really do so well), some of my favorites were the coffee bourbon and the cherry bourbon. cheers!

    • Wow, you left buffalo trace sitting in your cabinet for a couple years!…that would have been gone in a week if it had been in my possession. Never could understand someone just letting something so good just sit on a shelf.

      • I just said basically the same thing to my husband after I read the review from the lady saying the Buff was taking up space! So funny. Hubby said it would last a week here. I’m thinking manhattans, old fashions, on the rocks with seltzer. . .

  4. This is making me think bananas foster–does it actually taste that way? Or maybe this would be the perfect liqueur in which to actually flame bananas before pouring the whole shebang over some crepes…

    • Yum! I hadn’t thought of it, but I guess it does sort of taste that way, although I’d say bananas foster would be much more rich. I saved the bananas and put them in the freezer to add to pancakes or banana bread or something.

  5. i think we all have our “safe booze” ~ yours sounds like bourbon and mine is brandy ~ i guess it’s always good to go out of our comfort zone but hey if it ain’t broke…

    but rum sounds realllly good with bananas!

    • Well, if there is one thing I have learned from infusing is that the flavors can surprise you. My four basics that I use for most of my infusions are vodka, gin, brandy, and bourbon. Before I started infusing, I would have told you that bourbon was my least favorite of those four. And now, I would say it has gone up significantly, and for infusions it is probably my favorite. It is really easy to infuse with, but so is brandy. They both have so much natural sweetness that you often don’t need to add any sugar.

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  7. This sounds amazing. What bourbon did you use? I assume not top-of-the-line, but also not the bottom.

  8. After some soul searching I decided to buy a pint of Wild Turkey 101 to try infusing with bananas. I think the the salty dark sweet & aggressive oak and touch of spice will hold up well to banana sweetness. I was tempted to go with sweet and soft Evan Williams Black but felt that might err on the side of sweet and flabby. I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    • Perfect! I made my first banana bourbon cocktail this evening. It was good but not too noteworthy. (chocolate bourbon, banana bourbon, marshmallow brandy) I will keep trying. Don’t let this stop you. The banana infusion is great on its own.

      • I see The Coop has made his way here! Excellent!

        As far as the Banana Bourbon goes, I have so far only had it on its own over ice. Quite nice! As I said on Instagram and Twitter over the past two weeks, this was a really nice way to finish off that jug of Buffalo Trace that was taking up way too much space in my liquor cabinet. Happy to see that people are really into this. All good fun!

        Happy Fourth of July!

      • Thanks G-LO, I also think the banana bourbon is good on its own. I will try another cocktail or two, but I’ve been busy with raspberry and strawberry infusions lately – sorry!
        For another summer inspiration, peach bourbon is very nice. I made a white peach bourbon last summer and it was delicious.

      • This is my first attempt with infusion….making not drinking!! I am making this for a christmas gift and would love some sort of recipe to put on the bottle, either drink or eats. Also is that marshmallow brandy something you made? Thanks. Look forward to trying many more of your recipes.

      • Hi Debby, I’m very excited for you to be experimenting with your first infusion. I’m sorry I have not posted any banana bourbon cocktails yet! I will have to do that soon… Until then, here are a few from a blog Measure & Stir. They have a lot of great cocktail ideas!

        Yes, I did make a marshmallow brandy. I have not yet posted it yet. There are lots of marshmallow vodka ideas online, but I made mine with vegan marshmallows, so they didn’t quite dissolve like I think the regular ones might. You can try just throwing some marshmallows in brandy and let them sit for a few weeks and see if they dissolve.

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  10. I just read a new posting from another blog I follow here on WordPress: MEASURE & STIR. He just wrote “Banana Split: Chocolate, Banana, Lemon” using banana-infused whiskey. Just thought you’d want to know (if you don’t already).

    • Hey, thanks for the tip! I do read Measure and Stir, but managed to miss the Banana Split cocktail. Sound great! (and I still have some banana bourbon…)

  11. What a great idea! Love your site here!

  12. Hi. I have done some infusions before—lemons, blueberries, cranberries, to name a few. But I need a source for some nice, but simple bottles to put it in. I like the one here on the banana bourbon—where do you get those?

  13. What about using tequila to infuse? What would be good to put in it?

  14. Where do you get your amazing bottles with the plastic capped corks?

  15. I do not drink alcohol because of a medical condition….but when I saw a link to this on facebook I was so excited because this is right up my husband’s alley….and then when I have girlfriends over they can try out his handi work….so I can’t wait for him to get started and I am sure i will at least have to have a sip to try it…:) Thank you for this site it seems great…

  16. I have had peach flavored tequila before. Hmmm, maybe I could infuse the tequila with a couple of peaches. I don’t really care for tequila very much, but I loved the peach tequila. It was so smooth!

    • Hi Roxy, I think infusing a liquor really does allow it to take on a very different flavor. So if you have tequila and you aren’t drinking it, I definitely think you should infuse it. I have made a peach bourbon and peach brandy, and they both turned out great. peach tequila sounds fun!

  17. We had an over ripe banana, a new ball pint jar, and a bottle of Jim Beam so we’re giving this one a try. We’re halving the recipe since we only have a pint jar and 1 banana. We’ll see how it goes.

  18. I ended up using my banana bourbon in a lovely whiskey old fashioned that makes use of the flavors well. I recently blogged it and linked to this post. FYI – it’s

  19. I would love to hear your peach bourbon infusion

    • Hi Jim, the peach bourbon is an easy one… Take about 2-3 very ripe, juicy peaches, and 750 ml of bourbon. Pour all together in a large 1/2 gallon jar. Infuse for 4-5 weeks. Strain and enjoy. If the peaches are large you agony need 2.

  20. Do you leave the infusion in the fridge or out in a dark cool place, like under the sink ? Just curious of the old adage not to “put bananas in the fridge.”

    • Hi Nathan,
      Thanks for your message. You do not need to refrigerate this infusion. You can just keep in a cool, dark place as you mention. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers~

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  22. Do you need to refrigerate it at any point (during infusion? Storage?) Thanks! Can’t wait o try this, but want to do it safely 🙂

  23. WoW Finding this post for the first time because of a facebook link. These all sound like great recipes to turn into gifts! I just got married two months ago and I think I will use some banana bourbon as “Thank You” gifts!

  24. Hey, what would happen if I left it for 3 weeks. I am going away, and the only way bourbon lasts three weeks is if i’m not there. Would it be too long though?

  25. Alicia – found your blog three weeks ago and was immediately hooked! Just finished my first batch of Banana Bourbon and was so excited that I started 5 other infusions at the same time! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  27. how long does it last after the fruit is out?

    • The shelf life should be pretty long on this. The alcohol content is high, so liqueurs and infused alcohols tend to last a long time. (many last for over a year or two, but I have not had this one that long so I don’t know for sure.) I would say it should last a few months at least. Cheers~

  28. Kind of a ridiculous question, but what’s the expected shelf life (assuming one doesn’t consume a whole bottle while “Sampling” it lol)

    • The shelf life should be pretty long on this. The alcohol content is high, so liqueurs and infused alcohols tend to last a long time. (many last for over a year or two, but I have not had this one that long so I don’t know for sure.) I would say it should last a few months at least. Cheers~

  29. How do you think it would do as a rum infusion? I can see adding it to my fave, Pina Colada.

  30. What bourbon did you use

    • I use Jim Beam for most of my bourbon infusions, but you could certainly go with something nicer if you are so inclined. Makers Mark works very well. Good luck infusing! Cheers~

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  33. Hi Alicia… Did the banana rum ever come to frutition?

  34. I have just a quick question…when you let the banana sit in the bourbon for 2 or more weeks, is this at room temp? Or do you refrigerate?

  35. Any good ideas for the leftover bananas?

  36. What do you mean by infuse? Just put the bananas in the bourbon?

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