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Cran-Apple Hot Toddies


Brrrrrrr… it’s cold out there! We even had some snow/ice in Portland, Oregon last week! And cold weather makes me long for warm beverages.

Hot Toddy

So with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I would like to introduce you one of my favorite beverages for this time of year, the Cran-Apple Hot Toddy. These are great to serve for your guests on Thanksgiving (or any cold evening, really). I also found that my Hot Apple Toddy and Hot Cranberry Toddy recipes were a bit strong for company, so this version is a little toned down so that the guests don’t get too smashed…

Below are recipes to serve 2 as well as to serve 6, but feel free to increase the recipe as needed to make enough for your guests. If you serve them in small mugs, I find it goes well with dessert (or appetizers) on Thanksgiving, and you can stretch the batch that serves 6 a bit. (Although I never like to have too little alcohol when I have guests!)

Cran-Apples Toddies (to serve 2)
6 oz apple juice
1.5 oz cranberry juice (100% cranberry *not cranberry cocktail)
3 oz water
spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves)
honey (2-3 swirls around pan – or about 2-3 teaspoons)
1.5 TB Sugar (or to taste)
2 lemon wedges (small squeeze into mug, plus top with a lemon round)

4 oz brandy (or other booze of your choice – bourbon or rum would be great)

1 oz cointreau or triple sec

Cran-Apple Toddies (to serve 6)
2 1/4 cups apple juice
4.5 oz cranberry juice (100% cranberry juice – *not cranberry cocktail)
9 oz water
6 lemon wedges (plus a bit more lemon juice to squeeze on top)
spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves)
2-3 honey (6-8 swirls around the pan – or about 1-2 Tablespoons)
4.5 TB Sugar (0r to taste)

1.5 cups brandy (or other booze of your choice – bourbon or rum would be great)

3 oz cointreau or triple sec


In a small saucepan, combine the apple juice, cranberry juice, water, spices (cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg), honey and sugar. Place pan on stove until starts to simmer and the honey and sugar have dissolved. Remove from heat, add the alcohol, and stir. Pour into glasses, squeeze a few drops of lemon and top with lemon round. If using whole spices, feel free to add a few to the mugs for decoration and flavor.

When I am serving this at a party or group dinner, I find it works well to keep it in a coffee pot (after heating) with the warming setting on. Alternatively you could place it in a crockpot (especially for a really large gathering). Please be careful to make sure that the lid is vented so that the alcohol vapors can escape. And safer yet, you can just mix the alcohols separately, place in a small bottle next to the carafe of hot juice, and allow guests to add their own alcohol to the drink (then there is also a non-alcoholic version available as well).

For the spices, you certainly don’t have to use whole spices. I find it tastes great both ways, but if using ground spices, beware of the final pour, it can be very spice-heavy.

As for alcohol, I typically make this with brandy, but it would be delicious with a large variety of spirits.

And a final note on the cranberry juice… I can’t say enough about how delicious the strong, utterly tart flavor of 100% cranberry juice is. If you have only ever tried cranberry cocktail, this flavor may be very strong for you. It is the 100% cranberry juice that really dictates adding so much sugar and honey to this recipe. If you are not able to find 100% cranberry juice (although it is usually very easy to find in the healthfood section of most large grocery stores) you could try substituting cranberry cocktail – but then please omit the sugar and honey. I have not tried this with cranberry cocktail, and the flavor would probably be lost in the rest of the drink.


For those of you who have been paying attention, yes, it has been a *very* long time since my last post. I’m very sorry about that. I missed you all! I will try not to do that again! Plus, it is the holiday season… and who doesn’t love infusing booze around the holidays?






Author: Alicia

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14 thoughts on “Cran-Apple Hot Toddies

  1. It’s been SO cold here! I have out-of-town guests who wanted to see Multnomah Falls today — the road was so icy and the wind was so crazy we didn’t last long. This would have made the best warm-up drink! Next time for sure!

  2. we have plenty of snow already here in Minnesota–definitely time to whip up a toddy! Thanks for a new recipe 🙂 Still a fan of infusing booze myself. And I used my last batch (candy corn vodka) to make candy corn marshmallows so the fun continues 🙂 Good to see you posting again.

  3. Well look at you! Toddies – that sounds wonderful since it’s snowing here! Cran-apple also sounds like a great flavor! 🙂

  4. Cranberry juice is a perfect addition – a little punch of tartness. I have some bourbon on hand, so I will have to make this one! 😉 We just had our first snow this week here in Denver and dealt with lows in the single digits (even a couple of negatives!). Ironically, I purchased my first seriously warm vest during my last visit to Portland, expecting the weather to be rainy and cool. But the temps hovered around 85 with the sunniest of skies! I almost returned the purchase at the airport, but I am happy I held on to it! I am missing the longer days, as well. Happy to see a post from you!

    • Hi Jayme, I hope you enjoy the toddies! And I’m glad to hear you were able to enjoy nice weather when you were in Portland! (And good idea holding on to that vest! I can’t seem to stay warm enough lately!)

  5. Fabulous! I’m going to make your gingerbread liqueur again soon! Happy Holidays!

  6. I am SOOOOOOO digging this! Cranberry has been high on my agenda this season. I always have an obsession each season, and this time it’s fresh cranberries. and I totally agree about the 100% cranberry juice over cranberry cocktail!

  7. Just look at that amazing hot toddy. I can go for a hot toddy right about now. Wonderful post

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