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Rose Hip Vodka


Wow! Time flies, doesn’t it?! This week is a blur. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure ready for the weekend…

Several months ago, I found a recipe for a Rosehip Tipple from Wildcraft Vita. If you are not familiar with this blog, you should check it out. In addition to some amazing ideas for infusions, there are many other inspirations for flowers, herbs and foraging.

Back to the rose hips… I don’t happen to have any roses of my own. I have some friends with lots of lovely rose bushes, and have already laid claim to their rose hips. But the rose hips have not formed yet. And I’ve really been wanting to make a rose hip infusion.

As it turns out, I was able to find some dried rose hips. And the infusion could not have been easier.

Rose Hip Vodka

2 TB Dried Rose Hips

1 c. Vodka

Infuse for approximately one week. Strain.

This infusion is very nice. The flavor has hints of citrus, floral, and a bit like fruit leather. If you enjoy rose hip tea, you will like this. And the cocktails are fabulous.

The infusion will end up looking quite a bit like tea… and tastes good with tea as well. I started out with a small batch of this to test it out, but will definitely make more.



Author: Alicia

Infusing at home with inspiring and seasonal ingredients. Join us in making delicious cordials, liqueurs, boozy fruits and cocktails.

20 thoughts on “Rose Hip Vodka

  1. This sounds interesting. Lately, I have been drying rose petals to make herbal teas.

    • Wonderful! I think the rose petals themselves would make a lovely, delicate and floral infusion. Much different, but very delicious. I have some dried rose buds that are wonderful in tea as well. Maybe I should use them in an infusion… Almost like a rose water for cocktails, but going straight for the booze.

      • I have been using petals from fragrant roses, such as Mr. Lincoln. It’s been triple digit heat here, so the roses are drying up quickly after the buds open. The petals add more fragrance than flavor – but they do add both, and also a nice color. Petals are not as tart as rose hips. By the way, we polished off our blueberry gin … we should have started a new batch as soon as we opened the first one!

      • Good luck with the heat! (Our blueberry gin disappeared quite fast as well…)

  2. Rose is one of my favorite scents/flavors. This sounds lovely!

    • The rose hips are a bit different than roses themselves. Thy are very nice, but different. I think roses and rose petals would be wonderful as well! And we have used almost all of this infusion already in cocktails. It is delicious!

  3. I hear rose hips have lots of vitamin C – nothing better than a healthy coctail 😉

  4. This looks awesome–what a cool way to use rose hips.

  5. Ooh, lovely! Have you tried anything other than the rosehip tipple with it?

    • The vodka infusion is all I have used the dried rose hips in. But I did make a few varieties of cocktails, centering around Earl Grey iced tea and citrus and they were all great. I will post soon!

  6. This sounds very good, particularly for cocktails…We will try (but we have a backlog of all your cool infusions we need to make..;-)

    • Well I don’t expect you to keep up with the infusions, given all of your baking, cooking, and we can’t forget your amazing cocktail creations. When you get around to it, you can try this. It was actually a very simple infusion (I know I say that a lot) and the cocktails are great. With all of your gorgeous roses, you should just wait until your rose hips are ready and make this with fresh ones!

  7. Hi, I’ve been on holiday(with no internet connection)!
    What a nice surprise to find this post. Thankyou for your kind words 🙂 and keep infusing. You really do keep very busy! I always have lots of ideas,but find time often escapes me. I’ve just missed the slot for”nocino” which I really wanted to make this year….

    • I would love to make a nocino as well! I’m not sure where I would get the green walnuts.

      I will (eventually) post the cocktails we made with the rosehip vodka. The infusion is almost gone! We will have to make more very soon…

      Thanks for all of your great ideas and inspiration!

  8. This is so beautifully sophisticated, I feel as though I should be bathing in it … Rose hip vodka; will calm you inside and out. 🙂

    • Haha! This one is really easy, although I’m still waiting to do one with fresh rose hips. I will try to post a cocktail soon. Very simple and delicious.

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