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El Pepino Cocktail


You’re going to think I’m some kind of freak of nature when I tell you this… but I don’t like Margaritas. I’m kind of scared to admit that to people, especially as I’m writing this blog about boozing and infusing. It is almost Cinco de Mayo! What a perfect time for Margaritas, and infused tequila. But not for me. I usually go for a Mexican beer with lime. Which is delicious in its own right. But… this year will be different.

A few weeks ago, I made the Lime-Chipotle Finishing Salt from The Cozy Herbivore. It is delicious on popcorn, and sprinkled into a variety of dishes. Among the list of recommended uses is a Margarita Rim. I’m always jealous of those who drink Margaritas. They always look so tasty.

So, I decided I would enjoy this salt on the rim of a different drink. We happened to have some Cucumber Vodka left, so it seemed only logical to pair it with this salt.

El Pepino

2 oz Cucumber Vodka

1 oz Gin

1 TB Dry Vermouth

1 TB Fresh squeezed lime juice

Lime-Chipotle Finishing Salt

Run a lime wedge around the rim of the glass, and then dip in the Lime Chipotle Salt. Stir the remaining ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, strain and enjoy.

The salt and chipotle finish off the flavor so well, without being over-powering. I can see why others have said that this had really stepped up their margarita consumption. It is not too late to infuse some cucumbers before Cinco de Mayo… if you’re so inclined. This would be a great addition to your festivities!



Author: Alicia

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14 thoughts on “El Pepino Cocktail

  1. Reblogged this on La Chica Hungry and commented:
    A great alternative to a margarita for those who are not Tequila! Just in time for Cinco de Mayo too!

  2. I certainly like a Marg, but this looks great- we will try. And we will be trying the salt on a number of dishes!

    • If you like salt half as much as I do (I have a bit of a salt-tooth), you will enjoy this.

    • Vanilla salt!?! Sounds amazing. I think that just blew my mind. I don’t know why we haven’t thought of that before! I don’t mean to make this comment string go on forever, but what do you tend to use it on? (French toast sounds good…)

      • French fries, lobster and sweet corn all rock w/ vanilla salt. (curious on potential with cocktails) I have a chef friend who just rocked fries with vanilla salt. Since then we do it on special occasions. Vanilla and salt in solution and then let it dry into new crystals.

  3. I’m gonna need to drink this.
    And I bet that salt would be good with a bloody mary too!

  4. I’ll be in charge of the tequila infusing.

  5. This cocktail looks simply amazing! I love the combo of cucumber vodka and gin– seems like the perfect refreshing summer drink.

    I’m so glad the salt turned out well for you. Infusing salts is a bit addictive, am I right?

    • Thanks! And as for the salt infusion addiction… I haven’t gotten too addicted yet, but I could be persuaded with a few more killer recipes like the chipotle lime! (the vanilla salt sounds really amazing too, I haven’t tried it yet)

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