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Carrot Vodka


I’m convinced that adding booze makes anything delicious! That kind of makes it sound like I have a problem…

I love carrots, especially raw carrots. Infusing cucumbers in vodka worked so well, we thought we’d give carrots a try!

Carrot Vodka

2-3 medium carrots, peeled

1 1/4 c. vodka (or enough to cover your carrots)

After discarding the outer peel of the carrots, continue to peel them until the whole carrot has turned into thin strips. Place in jar, and lightly press into place. Cover with vodka (or your choice of spirit) and infuse until it reaches your desired taste. We infused for about 9-10 days.

Strain and filter the liquid and enjoy! The result is a little cloudy, just a hint of pale orange, but deliciously tastes like sweet carrots. It is not over powering. This will be great in a number of cocktails… Bloody Mary?

We had been wanting to do a carrot infusion for a while, then really got some inspiration from Good Booze with their Carrot Top. They infused carrots in rye, which I’m sure is fabulous.

Happy spring and happy sipping!

Carrot Vodka on Punk Domestics

Author: Alicia

Infusing at home with inspiring and seasonal ingredients. Join us in making delicious cordials, liqueurs, boozy fruits and cocktails.

27 thoughts on “Carrot Vodka

  1. you’re funny!! sound good and looks pretty!!

  2. although i am decidedly anti-vodka, i think i may need to try this. coincidentally, i just discovered this the other day & ordered some:

    • wow! Carrot Eau de Vie sounds really interesting.

      And if you are anti-vodka, I think this would work great with other spirits as well. I almost tried it in gin (and probably still will some day) but wanted to be able to taste the carrot flavor on its own and vodka seemed the best way to do that.

  3. great blog, btw.

  4. I’m glad to have found your blog.

  5. The obvious application for this is in a Bloody Mary, but I would love to see it in less obvious cocktails. Vodka tends to be pretty boring in pretty much everything (unless it is an interesting vodka — I’m looking at you, Karlsson’s) but this carrot stuff in a otherwise lame Vodka Gimlet would probably be quite memorable.

    You should start getting more outlandish. Infuse kale! Turnips! Radishes!

    • You are right, the carrot flavor shines through this well, which is one reason we chose to infuse boring vodka.

      As for getting more outlandish, I agree with you there too… I have a few interesting ones that will be coming out soon. But sorry, we have not yet done anything really extreme. In time we will run out of boring ingredients and have to get more creative.

  6. Looks like it turned out great! And, looking at the previous comment, gin infused with grated radish is delicious — spicy and herbal!

  7. This looks awesome! It reminds me of a cocktail I once had, the Drunken Carrot, with gin, carrot juice and Cointreau (sprig of parsley, natch!). Would be yummy in a Bloody Mary.

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  9. I had a wild idea today about making a carrot-cake flavored liqueur, but wasn’t sure if carrot-infused vodka was a thing. Now I’m definitely going to try it. Carrot vodka, a very modest addition of cinnamon vodka, and some brown sugar-based simple syrup (maybe with a bit of ginger flavor)… Even if I don’t hit the exact carrot-cake flavor, how bad can it be?

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  17. I make carrot gin then use the carrot strips as garnishes for cocktails I make with it. Very pretty. Cucumber infused gin tastes just like Hendrick’s!

  18. Hiya! This seems great. I’m just wondering; did you leet the vodka rest in a refrigerated or room-temperatured environment? I’ve only just infused vodka with candy and bubblegum before, so I’m a bit worried that the carrots will go bad if left to warm for 9 days.

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